About Me

A little about Roxanne Loomis:

Roxanne has been a nurse for 18 years. She is a single mom assisting putting 2 kids through college. She has worked in the emergency room since 2000. Roxanne herself is a life saver who now needs help saving her own life.


They are not sure what caused her kidney failure, but they are thinking it was something that she was exposed to as a child. Both her brother and sister also went into kidney failure due to an unknown cause, and both of them have had transplants. Roxanne is currently doing peritoneal dialysis at home. She has been on dialysis since February 2014.

Interested in being Roxanne’s donor? The criteria for a donor are to be O + or O- blood type, no high blood pressure, no diabetes, and at a reasonable weight. Roxanne’s transplant center is located in Portland, OR.

Thank you for your consideration.

To find out if you are a match for Roxanne Loomis call:

Margie- Legacy Living Kidney Donor Program


Link to the online health questionnaire for potential donors: